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Summer of 2010: I let Downeast Energy install switches (when they were hired to put in new valves for all the units), so I could turn off the furnace in the summer for heat but allow it to run for the hot water in my multi-family apartment building. They never gave me an estimate and it was very costly, but I never objected.

I thought I was getting a quality job done. Now after only one season of use, there is a problem with the first floor getting heat and they refuse - absolutely - to come look at the problem and stand behind their work. Although I am not a Downeast customer anymore because of the attitude I got from their credit manager when I was behind about $100 on my bill last year, I expected them to stand behind their work. What a shock.

Now I will tell all and sundry that they cannot be relied upon to do quality work - despite their exorbitant charges.

SHAME ON THEM! We have a right to expect better from companies like this.

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When I posted here I also posted on another site. Someone from the head office responded and for a month it went back and forth before they finally sent someone out to spend the 10 minutes it took to look at the problem.

Everyone spent far more time with the email responses than it actually took the tech to come check out the problem. Too bad they didn't just do that in the first place. They say it is not the parts they installed and I will have an uninterested company out to confirm and fix the problem.

I hope they will change their policy in the future but I am not holding my breath nor using the company again.

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